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What is the full form of OK

What is the full form of OK 
What is the full form of OK

What is the full form of OK?

today we will discuss the full form of OK and we will find from where the word OK comes from and why it is used and how it is used.

what is the full form of  OK?

The full form of OK is ' all correct' or also you can say ' all correct'  and OK is spelled in different ways like OK, O.K.,  OKAY these are three types from which we spell okay but the word are different but the meaning of all are same. 

From where the word OK comes from?

the word OK is a Greek word whose meaning is expressed by all correct.and in the Greek language the OK is pronouns as olla Kalla and this is a very common word that is used in daily life.

Why word OK is used?

The word okay is used to in various ways like to donate acceptance, agreeing on something, giving approval, for example, if you are agreeing on something you will say OK  another example like if you have done any mistake and you are agreeing that OK I have this mistake, etc.

how and where the word OK is the use ?

the work OK is a very common word in human life this word mostly use in conversation with anyone and agreeing on something. and it is widely used in chat 

Adam: hi
Chris: hi

Adam: how are you
Chris: ok

Adam: How is your study going
Chris: ok
Chat goes on

Adam: I am going to market I have urgent work to do 
Chris: OK

Adam: see you later
Chris: ok
chats ends "

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